Wizards and Calculators

Pump Sizing Wizard

One of the most challenging aspects of choosing a pond pump is figuring out the head pressure of your pond system before you can properly size your pump. The Pump Sizing Wizard takes out the guess work. Answer a few simple questions and the wizard will estimate the head pressure of your system. You can then take this number to our pond pump page, and select the right sized pump. This simple wizard is designed for an average pond. If you have a very large application, or special circumstances like large pipe runs, lots of pipe fittings etc, then our advanced Head Pressure Wizard will be a better choice.

Head Pressure Wizard (Advanced)

The Advanced Head Pressure Wizard is similar to the Pump Sizing Wizard mentioned above, it's for more advanced situations, or for people who want to get more specific with their calculations. Unique to this wizard is the ability to specify the exact fittings and pipe lengths in your system to get more accurate results.

Liner Sizing

The Liner Sizing Wizard is a helpful tool for estimating the amount of liner for a pond given the length, width and depth. Also included is the ability to improve the estimation by selecting the approximate bottom contour of your pond.

Electrical Cost

The Electrical Cost Wizard is an easy-to-use tool that will calculate the cost to run a pump in dollars. Just enter the pump electrical information, and the wizard will provide a good estimation. You can further refine the result by entering the exact cost per kilowatt hour from your electrical bill.

Water Volume

The first step to choosing equipment for a new pond project is to figure how much water the pond will contain. This number can then be used to size all the other equipment - pumps, filters, waterfalls etc. The Water Volume Wizard allows you to quickly estimate the number of Gallons in a pond.

Pond Dimensions Wizard

The Pond Dimension Wizard is a tool that can work backwards from a given water volume to provide possible pond dimensions. This tool is most often used to give some example pond sizes for our pond kits which are sized in Gallons. For example, what size pond can you build with a 2000 Gallon pond kit? Plug it into the wizard to find out.