Liner Size Wizard

Not sure what size liner to buy? Answer the 2 questions below and click 'Calculate Liner Size' to find out! Our liner size wizard is a simple calculator that will calculate the size of liner you need for a given pond shape and size. After you know the size of liner you need, you can visit our Choosing a Liner page to choose a specific liner!

1) Choose Pond Style:

pond with vertical walls
pond with gradual slope bottom
pond with sloping walls and flat bottom

2) Pond Surface Dimensions (feet):

Len x Width x Depth

For the dimenaions above, choose the widest and longest parts of your pond. If you have multiple depths in your pond, use the deepest area. If you have many different levels, you might end up with a little extra liner. However, a little extra liner is much better than too much liner!


Now What?

After running the above wizard, you should now know the minimum size of liner you need for your pond. The next step is to visit our Premium Grade Liner page and use the 'Choose Size' drop down menu to see the price!

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