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Whether you're a seasoned professional with years of experience in the building and maintenance of water garden ponds, or you're just starting out on the quest to build and maintain your first pond, has all the information you need to create an efficient, healthy pond that will bring years of enjoyment!

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How to build an Ecosystem Pond

Why Build a Pond?

A properly built water garden pond can bring an element of tranquility to your garden, backyard or landscape that is hard to equal with any other landscaping feature. Not only is a pond pleasing to look at, but the sound of a gentle waterfall has long been associated with relaxation and a way to ease the mind. What a better way to relax at the end of the day, than to sit by your pond, enjoying the benefits of your hard work.

Water Conservation

Because water garden ponds use on average 40 to 50% less water to maintain than a similarly sized piece of lawn, a pond is also an excellent way to do your part in the on going effort to conserve water in our communities.

Where to Start

Not a water garden and ponds professional and confused about where to start? Start by reading our page entitled Building a Pond. With years of professional experience stuffed into our easy to follow guide, we take the guess work out of pond building so you can focus on what counts; creating the pond you've always dreamed of.

Looking to learn more about the various pieces of equipment that make a pond ecosystem run smoothly? Read our guides on Pond Filters, Pond Pumps, Pond Liners, Pond Skimmers, Pond Lighting and Pond Heaters.

Pond Maintenance

Do you have a problem with your pond ecosystem and are looking for some guidance on how to fix the problem at the source? Take a look at our section on Pond Maintenance to see solutions to common issues pond owners experience.

Pond Fish

Thinking about adding some fish to your pond? Before building your pond, be sure to read our sections on Goldfish Ponds or Koi Ponds for some important tips on how to build a pond that will specifically cater to the types of fish you'd like to keep. For example, in order for koi to thrive, your pond must be built to a minimum depth. Read more about this and other topics in our dedicated section on Koi fish Information.

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