Pump Selection Wizard

Not sure what size pump to buy? Answer the 5 questions below and click 'Calculate Pump Requirements' to find out! After you know the size of pump you need, you can visit our Choosing a Pump page to choose a specific pump! Before using this wizard, you should know how large your pond is in US Gallons. If you don't know the volume of water in your pond, use our Pond Volume Wizard to easily estimate it! If you are a pond professional, or are building a complicated pond using rigid PVC pipe, you may want to use our Advanced Head Pressure Wizardinstead.

1) Pond Size:
     Pond Size in Gallons: ( Use our Pond Volume Wizard to estimate volume)
     Flow Rate in GPH (Advanced):

2) Waterfall or Pumping Height Above Pond Surface (ft): ( 0 for no waterfall)

3) Waterfall Width: Choose Best for Me Custom (in): (0 for no waterfall)

4) Diameter of PVC Pipe (inches):
     Choose Best for Me

4) Will Pond have a UV Clarifier?

5) Type of Filter: Waterfall Filter Pressurised Filter (+ 7' of head) No Filter



Now What?

After running the above wizard, you should now know how many gallons per hour you need to pump, and at what head pressure you need the pump to work at. You can now take this information and refer to the charts on our Choosing a Pond Pump page to select a pump!

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