Pump Electrical Cost Wizard

We often talk about pump electrical cost on this website, and now choosing an efficient pump can save you money in the long run on electrical running costs. In fact, even if a pump is more money to purchase initially, you can still end up saving substantial amounts of money in the long term. To compare the electrical costs of two pumps, look in the pump specifications for the number of watts the pumps needs to run. Then use the below wizard to find out how much money per month each pump will cost to run. If the watts aren't listed for the pump, you can alternatively use the amps and volts with the below option.

1) Pump Power Draw (choose one or the other):
     Watts: ( usually found in the pump specs)
     Amps: Volts:

2) Cost per Kilowatt Hour ($): (found on your electricity bill. USA average is $0.12)

3) Pumping how Many Hours per Day? (most pond pumps run 24 hours per day)



Now What?

After running the above wizard, you should now know how much it will cost per month to run a given pump. Have a look at our Choosing a Pond Pump page to see the pumps we offer, as well as the wattage of each pump!

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