Head Pressure Wizard (Advanced)

Confused about how to accurately calculate head pressure in a pond pumping system? Traditionally doing head pressure calculations requires looking up numbers in complex tables, and doing more math than a person really wants to do! Use the below wizard to simplify the whole process while still allowing very precise calculations. Please note this is the advanced version of this wizard meant for pond professionals, or for homeowners with complicated pumping systems using rigid PVC piping. If you are building an ecosystem pond using flexible PVC pipe, you will likely be better off using the simplified version of this wizard: the Pump Selection Wizard. To continue, answer the below questions one by one. If you run into trouble, see the legend of terms at the top for explainations.

NOTE: Even though we have tested this tool and it has been shown to work well, we still ask you use this tool at your own risk. We can't be heald responsible for any wrong decisions or assumptions you make because of using this tool. If you are ever in doubt of the numbers you are receiving from this wizard, double check the numbers by hand!

Legend of Terms
*1 Flow Rate - the gallons per hour of water that is flowing through the pumping system
*2 Pipe Length - the total length of PVC pipe used to plumb the pond
*3 Static Head - the height of the waterfall or water return above the pond surface. ie. a 5' waterfall will have a static head of 5'
*4 Diameter of Pipe - the size of schedule 40 PVC pipe used to plumb the pond. Most common sizes are 1.5" to 4"
*5 Number of Fittings - for each fitting listed, enter the number of times that fitting is used to plumb the pond
*6 UV Clarifier Equivalent Pipe Size - a UV clarifier with 2" pipe has to house the UV equipment inside the pipe, leaving less than 2" for the actual water. Because of this, a 2" UV unit is usually equivalent to 1.5" pipe for head pressure calculations.
*7 Head Pressure of Pressurised Filter - a normal pressurised filter will add between 5' and 10' of head depending on how dirty the filter is. If you're using a waterfall filter, turn this option off or enter 0 since waterfall filters don't add measurable head pressure.
*8 Other Head Pressure - if you have another piece of equipment in your pumping system that causes additional head pressure, enter it here

1) Flow Rate (GPH):

2) Pipe Length:

3) Static Head (Waterfall height):

4) Diameter of Pipe (inches):

5) Number of Fittings Used

     Water Inlets:
     Water Returns:
     90 degree elbows:
     90 degree medium sweeps:
     90 degree long sweeps:
     22 degree elbows:
     45 degree elbows:
     60 degree elbows:
     Tee flow-thru run:
     Tee flow-thru branch:
     male-female adapter:
     Gate Valve:

6) Include Estimation for UV Clarifier?
    Length of UV Clarifier Piping (inches):
    UV Unit Equivalent Pipe Size (inches):

7) Include Estimation for Pressurised Filter?
    Head Pressure Added by Filter:

8) Other Head Pressure:


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