Pond Volume Wizard

Not sure how many gallons of water are in your pond? Answer the questions below and click 'Calculate Pond Volume' for a close estimation. Use the basic version if you have a single depth in your pond, or if most of your pond is a certain depth. If you have multiple levels in your pond, use the advanced version by selecting the radio button next to 'Advanced Version'. For example, if you have an 8" deep shelf taking up approximately 10% of your pond, with the rest of your pond (90%) being 24" deep, you can enter those numbers below, for up to three separate depths. This wizard is intended for decorative ponds with vertical walls.

Basic Version (Pond has Single Depth)

    Pond Length: Feet Inches
    Pond Width:  Feet Inches
    Ave Depth:    Feet Inches


Advanced Version: (Pond has Multiple Levels/Depths)

    Pond Length: Feet Inches
    Pond Width:  Feet Inches
    Depth 1:    Feet Inches   Percent of Pond at this Depth:
    Depth 2:    Feet Inches   Percent of Pond at this Depth:
    Depth 3:    Feet Inches   Percent of Pond at this Depth:



Now What?

After running the above wizard, you should now know approximately how many gallons of water are in your pond. You can now use this number to choose other pieces of equipment:

    • Pump - Head over to our Pump Selection Wizard to tell you how many gallons per hour your pump should be able to move for your size of pond. You can then use this information to choose a specific pump, as well as other equipment like filters and skimmers.
    • Filter - after running the Pump Selection Sizard, you can use the flow rate of the pump to choose a filter. A filter is always sized based on the gallons per hour flowing through it.
    • Skimmer - much like a filter, a skimmer is chosen based on the flow rate of the pump. Visit the pump select wizard above to get the gallons per hour you will need to pump, and then visit our Choosing a Pond Skimmer page to choose an appropriately sized skimmer.
    • UV Clarifier - UV clarifiers get rid of green colored water. Generally speaking for effective UV clarification, you will need about 10 Watts of UV light for each 1000 gallons in your pond. So a 2000 gallon pond will need about 20 Watts. Here is a list of all the various sizes of UV clarifiers we carry. 
    • Liner - head over to our Liner Size Wizard to calculate the amount of liner you will need for your pond. 

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