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How to build a Pond from Design to Completion

If you're looking for information on how to build a pond, whether it be a typical water garden, or a traditional Japanese Koi pond, you've come to the right place! Building a pond is something that just about anybody can do with a little direction and knowledge. However, it is important to design your pond before you start building, so that any potential mistakes can hopefully be caught before the building phase starts. Fixing a problem or changing a feature in the design phase is simple and likely free, but making that same change in the building phase could cost valuable time and money. Similarly, waiting until the pond is complete to perform equipment upgrades will likely be an expensive proposition. It pays to do your research now!

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How to Build a Pond - Table of Contents

Below is the table of contents for our ebook 'How to Build an Ecosystem Pond'. We are slowly adding more content from the ebook onto our website free of charge. In the mean time, if you'd like to read the whole book, you can purchase it for $2.99  here.

Chapter 1 - Designing an Ecosystem Pond

Chapter 2 - Overview of Materials

Chapter 3 - Head Pressure 50

  • 3.0 Introduction to Head Pressure
  • 3.1 Static Head Pressure
  • 3.2 Friction Head Pressure
  • 3.3 Example - Friction Head Pressure
  • 3.4 Head Loss in Filters

Chapter 4 - Choosing Specific Equipment

  • 4.0 Introduction
  • 4.1 Example 1 - Small Pond with Waterfall
  • 4.2 Example 2 - Medium Pond with Waterfall

Chapter 5 - Installing

  • 5.0 Introduction
  • 5.1 Digging Out the Pond
  • 5.2 Roughing in the Skimmer
  • 5.3 Roughing in the Waterfall Filter
  • 5.4 Plumbing
  • 5.5 Installing the Liner
  • 5.6 Attaching Liner to Skimmer
  • 5.7 Attaching Liner to Waterfall Filter
  • 5.8 Underwater Lights
  • 5.9 Rocking in the Pond
  • 5.10 Building the Waterfall
  • 5.11 Filling the Pond
  • 5.12 Landscaping the Edges
  • 5.13 Planting Aquatic Plants
  • 5.14 Finishing Up
  • 5.15 Conclusion

Building a Pond Step 1: Learning & Preparing

Need to learn more about how to design and build a pond, including choosing and sizing the proper equipment? We recommend any new pond builder start with our affordable ebook: “How to Build an Ecosystem Pond”. This detailed ebook is packed full of useful knowledge related to pond design, pond equipment, head pressure, pond plumbing and pond construction. Also included are two example ponds that cover the design and equipment selection process from start to finish. Click through to the ebook product page for a complete breakdown of the chapters discussed.

How to Make a Pond Step 2: Design

Before starting construction on a pond, it's important to perform a proper design. Whether this is done on paper, on a computer, or even in your head, it’s important to get a few ideas worked out before purchasing any equipment. Some of these ideas include the pond size and dimensions, the location, the orientation, the depth, fish requirements, water fall details and pond equipment needed.

One of the most frequent mistakes people make when building a pond is underestimating their goals, or using inadequate equipment that is incapable of supporting the type of pond they plan to create. It is important to nail down the goals for your pond at the very beginning. For example, will the pond house fish? If so, special water quality requirements will have to be met, which in turn will require certain equipment. If the pond will house fish, what kind of fish? Koi fish have different requirements with respect to pond size and minimum water quality compared to goldfish. Will the pond have a waterfall? If so, larger pumps may be required depending on the size of the waterfall you'd like to build. Learning how to build a pond properly may take a little extra time up front for better preparations and materials. However, a lot of time and money can be saved in the long run by avoiding expensive pond renovations and upgrades due to improper design.

Affordable Guide - Building a Pond from Start to Finish

We have recently released our new ebook 'How to Build a Pond'. This guide is packed with real world experience, providing you with everything you need to know about how to make a pond from start to finish, including installing a pond liner and all other pond equipment. Feeling a little uneasy about the pond building process? Read this ebook and we guarantee you’ll feel more informed and ready to tackle your pond project!

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