How to Build an Ecosystem Pond (Ebook)

Detailed guide on how to design, choose equipment and build an ecosystem pond!

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  • 100+ page ebook - instant download!

  • All new content not published anywhere else

  • Detailed guide on how to design, choose equipment and build an ecosystem pond!

  • Includes two example pond designs with equipment selection & explanation

  • Compatible with ebook readers such as iPad, Kindle, Kobo etc.

  • Also includes PDF version for viewing on a computer

Every day we get numerous requests from people around the world looking for more information on how they can design and build their own ecosystem pond.  Although our website contains a great deal of information, it can't compare to the organization of a good book on the topic.  Traditionally we've had a hard time finding a book that covers the topics we feel are important, while at the same time presenting the material in a clear and accurate way.  That's when we decided to literally write our own ebook!  Coming in at around 100 pages of new content, the result is what we believe to be the most concise how-to pond guide available today.  While covering the necessary topics in depth, the ebook is also very easy to follow for somebody new to pond-building.

Topics include pond design, overview of pond equipment and supplies, head pressure, pond plumbing and pond construction.  Also included are two example ponds which cover the design and equipment selection process from start to finish.

Complete List of Topics Covered

Chapter 1 - Designing an Ecosystem Pond

  • Introduction
  • 1.1 What is an Ecosystem Pond
  • 1.2 Design Goals
  • 1.3 Choosing a Location
  • 1.4 Choosing a Style
  • 1.5 Size / Depth
  • 1.6 Waterfall Design
  • 1.7 Shelves & Plants
  • 1.8 Water Table

Chapter 2 - Overview of Materials

  • 2.1 Liners
  • 2.2 Filtration
  • 2.2.1 Skimmers
  • 2.2.2 Biological Filtration
  • 2.2.3 UV Clarifiers
  • 2.3 Plumbing & Pipes
  • 2.4 Pumps
  • 2.5 Rocks & Gravel

Chapter 3 - Head Pressure

  • Introduction to Head Pressure
  • 3.1 Static Head Pressure
  • 3.2 Friction Head Pressure
  • 3.3 Example - Friction Head Pressure
  • 3.4 Head Loss in Filters

Chapter 4 - Choosing Specific Equipment

  • Introduction
  • 4.1 Example 1 - Small Pond with Waterfall
  • 4.2 Example 2 - Medium Pond with Waterfall

Chapter 5 - Installing

  • Introduction
  • 5.1 Digging Out the Pond
  • 5.2 Roughing in the Skimmer
  • 5.3 Roughing in the Waterfall Filter
  • 5.4 Plumbing
  • 5.5 Installing the Liner
  • 5.6 Attaching Liner to Skimmer
  • 5.7 Attaching Liner to Waterfall Filter
  • 5.8 Underwater Lights
  • 5.9 Rocking in the Pond
  • 5.10 Building the Waterfall
  • 5.11 Filling the Pond
  • 5.12 Landscaping the Edges
  • 5.13 Planting Aquatic Plants
  • 5.14 Finishing Up
  • 5.15 Conclusion


What is an Ecosystem Pond?

The basic goal behind an ecosystem pond is to take an otherwise closed body of water and turn it into its own thriving mini “ecosystem.” In nature, streams and rivers and the resulting pools of water along the way are constantly renewed with fresh, clean water, allowing them to support life while flushing toxins away down the stream. Unless you are lucky enough to be blessed with a natural stream or source of water on your property, you won’t have the luxury of a naturally renewing water source. You will have to find another way to keep your pond water clean and free of toxins. Through proper planning and the selection of appropriate filtration equipment, this is actually easier to accomplish than you might imagine.

Ecosystem ponds rely on a number of different factors to maintain a healthy ecological balance:

  • Proper mechanical filtration to remove debris from the pond before it can decay
  • Proper biological filtration to convert harmful ammonia into harmless nitrates
  • Effective use of plants to naturally filter the water of nutrients that would otherwise be used to promote algae
  • Waterfalls and streams to help aerate the water
  • Natural water additives to promote healthy water conditions
  • Rocks and gravel in the pond to promote natural biological filtration

Included eBook Formats

After purchasing the ebook in our store, you will be presented with a download link to download the ebook to your computer. Inside the download, there are 3 separate versions of the book which should work on most computers and ebook readers available on the market, including iPad, Kindle, Kobo, Google Reader, Sony Reader, Windows computers and Mac computers.

Install Instructions

For your convenience, we include the ebook in 3 separate formats depending on what kind of devise you will be using to read the book:

1) Viewing on a Computer - The best format for computer viewing is the PDF format. You will need a pdf reader on your computer to open the file. Most computers already have a pdf reader installed, but if by chance you don't have one, Adobe has a free pdf reader that you can download here:

2) Viewing on an iPad - For an iPad, although it is possible to use the PDF version mentioned above, the best way is to use the EPUB format. This allows additional features like highlighting, bookmarks etc. For this to work, make sure you have the iBooks app installed on your iPad, which you can download from the Apple app store for free. To get the ebook onto your iPad, first open up iTunes on your computer and drag the "How to Build an Ecosystem Pond - EPUB" file into iTunes. It should now be listed under the 'Books' heading in iTunes. If you now sync your iPad to your computer, the ebook should automatically appear in the iBooks app on your iPad.

3) Amazon Kindle - The Kindle uses it's own format for ebooks, which is called the mobi format. When you set up an account on your Kindle, Amazon will provide an email address where you can email books to be added to your kindle. This is usually "", where "yourusername" is the your Kindle username. To get the ebook onto your kindle, send an email from your regular email address to your kindle email address, with the "How to Build an Ecosystem Pond -" file as an attachment. Amazon will automatically add the book to your Kindle. Keep in mind, they make take up to an hour in certain situations for the ebook to be added to your Kindle. If you have problems, make sure you visit your Amazon Kindle account to make sure your email address is an approved email for sending ebooks to your Kindle. If your sending email address is not setup as an approved email address for sending books, Amazon may not add the book to your Kindle.

4) Other ebook Reader like Kobo, Sony Reader, Google etc - Most of these ebook readers will take an EPUB ebook. Follow the instructions with your particular device and use the "How to Build an Ecosystem Pond - EPUB.epub" file when adding the book.

For further questions or comments, please send us an email at, or visit our website at Thanks again, and enjoy the book!


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