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Koi Fish Information and the History of Koi Fish

The colorful fish that we know today as 'Koi' came from quite humble beginnings. Originally known in Europe as the common carp, it is believed that they were originally transported to China and Korea around 2000 years ago due to their hardy ability to withstand travel. Eventually the common carp made it's way to Japan where the fish were kept in captivity as a source of food for Japanese farmers. The word 'Koi' simply means 'Carp' in Japanese.

japanese koi fish
Koi fish in a pond.

In the early 1800s there is some recorded evidence that due to the extended captive breeding of carp, color mutations started to develop. As these unique fish started to appear, the Japanese farmers who had long kept Koi exclusively for food, began keeping the colored Koi as a hobby. The term Nishikigio was used to refer to these special colorful Koi. However, even though Koi keeping as a hobby was gaining popularity in rural parts of Japan, the outside world was not made aware of Nishikigio until 1914, when they first were shown at the annual exhibition in Tokyo. After this event, the keeping of Koi as a hobby exploded in Japan, and eventually other parts of the world. As time went on, more and more mutations were classified and developed, until today where thirteen colors, along with numerous mutations, are recognized for Nishikigio. Today millions of people around the world seek out quality Koi fish information, which is where Everything-Ponds.com aims to help.

japanese koi fish painting
A piece of Japanese art from the 1800s
depicting a Koi.

Koi Symbolism

Although in Western Cultures Koi Fish are not given much attention, in Japanese culture, Koi fish are celebrated as noble creatures with many enduring qualities. It is said that Koi are able to climb waterfalls bravely, symbolizing that great achievement is possible with hard work. As well, it is said that if a Koi is caught, it will lie on the cutting board awaiting it's death without fear or quiver, much like a Samurai warrior facing the sword in battle. There are also legends dating back to ancient China that say if a Koi succeeds in climbing the waterfalls on Yello River to the point of Dragon's Gate, that it will be transformed into a Koi Dragon, which is a great creature in Chinese culture. For more information, please see our page on koi symbolism.

Koi Fish Ponds

If you're just starting out on your quest for quality Koi fish information, you might want to start by reading our page on Koi fish ponds (coming soon). The health of a Koi fish is directly related to the quality of the water in the pond. A big part of maintaining quality water is to build your pond correctly in the beginning, using the right equipment. A properly build pond will allow you to control important aspects of the pond environment like temperature, water clarity, dissolved oxygen levels and other chemicals/properties, as well as unwanted pests like algae.

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