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Looking to take your landscape design to the next level? Landscape ponds are a great addition to any landscape design. has all the information you need to create a beautifully designed pond landscape without breaking your bank account. A properly designed landscape water garden can bring an element of serenity to your surroundings that is hard to match with any other landscaping feature. A landscaping water garden is not only pleasing to the eye, but the sounds associated with falling water, or birds enjoying your pond, are great way to bring about a feeling of relaxation and tranquility.

pond design drawing
Yard Waterfall
A Typical External Pump

Building a Custom Pond

The advantage to building a custom pond rather than a pre-formed pond when designing your pond landscape, is that a custom pond can be built to any size and any shape. Sometimes people tend to design landscape ponds on the smaller side in the hope of conserving some water. This is actually one of the myths associated with designing a landscape water garden. Once your pond or water garden is full of water, it will take 40 to 50% less water to maintain than a similarly sized piece of lawn. Therefore, any area of your landscape that the pond covers that would have otherwise been grass or traditional landscaping, is actually helping to conserve water in your community.

However, if you only have room for a small pond landscape, don't worry because even a small pond can have a huge impact!

Starting Out

Feeling a little overwhelmed about building your landscaping water garden? Take a load off your mind and read our guide entitled Building a Pond (coming soon). This guide breaks the process of pond building into easy to follow steps, allowing you to focus on creating the perfect design.

Equipment for Landscape Ponds

Looking to read and learn about the assorted supplies and equipment unique to building landscape ponds? Please read our guides on Pond Pumps, Pond Filters, Pond Skimmers, Pond Liners and Pond Lighting.


Thinking about adding a waterfall to your pond landscape? Check out our page on waterfalls for more information on how to properly incorporate a waterfall into your landscape design.

Grass Marginal Pond Plants
Marginal Pond Plants

Planting a Landscape Water Garden

Plants are what can turn a plain landscape pond into a vibrant landscape water garden. Most landscape designers will tell you that plants are what can make or break a landscape. Water garden landscaping is no different. However, pond plants, in addition to looking nice, play an important role in the overall ecosystem of the water garden. For more information on water garden plants, please read our guide here.

Caring for Fish

Looking for information on how to properly care for fish in your pond? Taking care of fish is not a trivial thing. Like any other pet, pond fish require a certain environment and special treatment in order to thrive. For more information, please take a look at our guides on fish ponds or specifically Koi ponds. It pays to understand the special requirements of fish up front. There's nothing worse than building an amazing pond, only to realize that there is some problem that prevents fish from being able to live in the pond landscape.

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