garden pond waterfalls

Garden Pond Waterfalls 101

Garden pond waterfalls are often viewed as the pinnacle deign feature of a pond project, and rightly so! A properly built pond waterfall has a way of transforming a lifeless body of water into a vibrant stream, full of life and activity. Not only are garden pond waterfalls pleasing to look at, but also the sound of falling water has long been associated with relaxation and a way to ease the mind. If you live in the city, a water garden waterfall can be an excellent way to help cut out some of the background noise of your neighborhood.

Waterfall Bubbles
Waterfalls release oxygen into the water

Benefits of Garden Pond Waterfalls

Apart from the obvious visual and audible benefits of garden pond waterfalls, another benefit is the water aeration a waterfall provides. As the water falls through the air and into the pond below, air, and therefore oxygen, is forced into the water. High oxygen levels are beneficial for numerous reasons. The first reason is that algae has a harder time growing in water high in oxygen. A second reason is fish and other animals thrive in water that is high in oxygen.

If you are already going to the work of adding pond pumps to pump your water through various filtration devices, then why not take the extra step and pump the water up a few feet to create a beautiful flowing waterfall?

Garden Ponds Waterfalls

Designing your Waterfall

Garden pond waterfalls tend to look best when they are designed to look as natural as possible while complementing the size and design of your pond. This means building your waterfall so that it blends in with your landscape, not like something that was stuck on the side as an after thought. A properly built waterfall should look like it's been there for a thousand years! The easiest way to do this is to build your waterfall pedestal out of natural rock, using similar rock to tie the water feature in with the rest of the pond environment. Check back soon for real waterfall designs and more information on how to better design your perfect water garden waterfall.

Pond Waterfall Supplies

When building garden ponds, waterfalls must be given special consideration when it comes to choosing materials. For example, the larger the pond waterfall, the larger the pump must be to deliver the needed amount of water. For more information on how to choose an appropriate pump, please read our guide on Pond Pumps. Another consideration is the waterfall catch basin, which is the area in the pond where the falling water is caught. A catch basin has two main purposes. The first is to provide a deeper area of water to reduce the amount of splash. If water is allowed to splash on the surrounding rocks, and soil, then that water is essentially lost due to evaporation or soil absorption. The second use of a catch basin is to enhance the sound of the falling water. If your water garden waterfall is allowed to fall into shallow water, or onto rocks, the resulting sound will be quite shallow. To get the full bodied sound of a healthy pond waterfall, a catch basin helps amplify the sound creating a deeper sound. For more information on building a catch basin or other pond features, please see our guide entitled 'Building a Pond' (Coming soon).

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