Spicing up your Garden with Small Garden Ponds

Looking for a way to add a little class to your garden? Small garden ponds are a great way to achieve that goal! A simple water garden can bring an element of tranquility to your garden that is difficult to beat with any other landscaping feature. Not only are water gardens visually enjoyable, but the sound of a gentle waterfall falling down rocks into your pond can really add to the overall ambiance of your garden. Everything-Ponds.com has all the information you need to create a healthy, vibrant garden pond that will bring you years of enjoyment.

pond design drawing

Plants for Small Garden Ponds

Plants are what can make or break the overall ambiance of a garden pond. Even when building a simple water garden, plants can have a big impact. There are a number of different kinds of plants you can use to create your perfect garden pond. These include water dwelling plants, as well as regular soil based plants that can be planted around the pond. For more information, please read our guide on pond plants.

Where to Start

Looking to start a garden pond from scratch? Start by reading our step-by-step guide entitled 'How to Build an Ecosystem Pond'. With years of real world experience packed into an easy to follow guide, we help make pond building an easier process.

External Pump
A common Submersible Pump

Equipment for Small Backyard Ponds

Whether your project is large or small, garden ponds need some equipment to run smoothly. To learn more about what equipment you'll need in what situation, take a look at our pages on Pond Filters, Pond Pumps, Pond Liners, Pond Skimmers and Pond Lighting.


Nothing completes' a garden pond quite like some colorful fish swimming around with the sun glittering off their backs. In the case of small garden ponds, there are a few things that must be considered related to depth, size and equipment needed to properly support fish. For more information on how to build a garden pond that will specifically cater to the type of fish you'd like to keep, please read our pages on Fish Ponds or Koi Ponds. As an example, Koi ponds must be designed to a minimum depth for the fish to thrive and remain healthy.

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