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Give your Landscape a Face Lift with a Garden Water Feature

Looking for a way to spice up your landscape? A garden water feature is a great bang for the buck that can add a little bit of nature to your landscape. Water features come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from small, prebuilt units to elaborate custom-made waterfall displays. is your complete resource on how to buy or build your perfect water feature.

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Water features can be placed just about anywhere; inside or outside. Traditionally, they are placed in some kind of landscaped setting. Water features in the garden, even if they're small, can add a big impact in terms of sound and visual display. The sound of falling or bubbling water has long been associated with a way to relax and ease the mind. Generally, a water feature should be placed in a location that is easily accessible, and viewable from many locations in your landscape.

Buying or Building

When most people think of a water feature, they generally think of buying a prebuilt unit of some kind. There are plenty of pre-built units available for very reasonable prices. In the future, we plan to expand this page to include recommendations on where to buy our favorites. In addition to the pre-built variety, water features in gardens are sometimes custom made to achieve a more natural look. When building a custom water feature, you can make it any shape, size or style to completely customize the look to your landscape setting.

water features in gardens
A water feature built out of a natural rock.

Building a Garden Water Feature

In many ways, water features in the garden are just mini garden ponds and can built in a similar way as a standard pond. However, instead of focusing on the pond itself, garden water features usually focus on a more elaborate design such as a waterfall or a fountain of some kind. In many cases, water features are built in conjunction with a pond to create a design focal point for the pond. We are currently working on creating a number of how to guides for this site, one of them being a DIY garden water feature guide. In the mean time, to learn more about the various pieces of equipment you're most likely need, read on.


At the very least, all successful garden water features start with some kind of liner, or catch basin. This can be built out of some kind of plastic, fiberglass, or wooden container, which is then either buried, or left exposed depending on the look you're going for. For the most flexible solution, an actual pond liner could be used which is almost always hidden with rocks or other landscaping features to create a more natural look.

water features in the garden
A water feature spilling into a hidden catch basin.

The second essential piece of equipment needed to build a garden water feature is a pump of some kind. The general idea is to figure out how much water you would like to move before choosing the size of pump you need. For a trickling stream, a smaller pump will naturally be required than if you're setting out to build a gushing waterfall. For more detailed information on pumps, please see our detailed guide on pond pumps, or our page on solar water fountain pumps.

Please check back soon for more great information on garden water features including how to properly buy, build and setup water features in gardens!

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