Pond Informational Videos

Premium RPE Pond Liners

The Everything Ponds Premium Grade RPE Liner is a high quality, all North American made liner that is perfect for use in ponds, water features, lakes, streams, rivers, dams, golf course water hazards, irrigation ponds, aquaponics tanks or any other water containment situation. Shop all of our liners here

RPE Liners Compared

This video compares the different options for our Premium Grade RPE Pond Liner. Should you use the laminated or unlaminted RPE liner for you pond? What thickness of liner should you use? Find out in this comparison video. Shop all of our liners here.

Pond Liner Comparison EPDM vs RPE

One of the most common questions we get at Everything Ponds is what pond liner should I use. There are many different choices out there and the choices can sometimes be confusing. We typically recommend one of two types of liner - EPDM rubber pond liners, or our Premium Grade RPE Pond Liner, which stands for Reinforced Polyethylene. For an overview of each liner, including flexibility and puncture resistance tests, please watch the video above. Shop all of our liners here.

Do You Need to Heat Your Pond?

In this video, we discuss heating a pond. Is it necessary? Do fish benefit from a heated pond? Do you need to keep ice off a pond? What does a deicer do and how does it differ from an electric inline water heater? We answer all these questions and more in this video. Shop de-icers here.

Submersible vs External Pond Pumps

Sometimes it can be confusing choosing between submersible pond pumps and external pumps. Both have their unique advantages and disadvantages. To learn more about which is better for your particular situations, watch the video :) Shop all pumps here.

How to Choose a Pond Kit

This video is a quick overview of how to choose a pond kit at Everything Ponds. Our kits come in a number of flavors including kits for Ecosystem Ponds, Formal Ponds, Waterfall Ponds, as well as Bottom Drained Koi Ponds. Shop pond kits here.

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