Tetra Pond Filter Overview

Why choose a Tetra pond filter? TetraPond is a reputable company that manufacturers a variety of pond related supplies and equipment. Most noteworthy for this particular page is their line of Bio-Active Pressure Filters.

Update: Everything Ponds is not currently selling Tetra pond filter, in favor of high quality filters from Aqua Ultraviolet and ProEco!

Affordable Grade Pressurized Filters

Bio-Active Pressure Filters

Tetra's Bio-Active pressure filter is an all-in-one device that provides mechanical and biological filtration, as well as UV clarification (if desired), in a single unit. Ease of use and convenience were among their design goals and they seem to have delivered on that promise. Cleaning is a simple process due to the back flush valve, which reverses the water flow to flush out gunk caught in the filter. As explained on our biological filter page, because the Bio-Active filters are pressurized, they can be buried or hidden in your landscaping, beneath the elevation of your pond if desired, and they are still able to work and pump water back to the pond efficiently. There are three sizes available for various sized ponds, and they come with a 2 year limed warranty.

Which Size is Right for You?

BP1500 - Has aheight of 18.75" (48cm) and can handle a pond up to 1500gal (5600 L).

BP2500 - Has a height of 22" (56cm) and can handle a pond up to 2500gal (9500L).

BP4000 - Has a height of 25" (64cm) and can handle a pond up to 4000gal (15,100L).

Each of the above units are available with or without an optional UV clarifier which helps kill single celled algae that causes green pond water. To learn more about UV clarifiers and what they do, please see our page on green pond water. Since UV clarifiers can help enhance the clarity of a pond, we at Everything-Ponds recommend them.

tetra pond filter

Pumping Requirements

After choosing the appropriate Tetra pond filter, you'll need some kind of a pump to get water out of your pond and into the filter. Tetra recommends one of their submersible pumps, called the TetraPond debris-handling pump, which is designed to let debris pass through the pump so that it can be later caught in the filter. However, any pump between 2500gph to 4500gph will work. In their literature Tetra states that a pump less than 2500gph will be insufficient to drive the backwash cycle, but too large of a pump (4500gph+) could also be a problem. To learn more about the types of pond pumps available, please see our page on pond pumps.

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