Lake Liners

Here at Everything Ponds, we specialize in liners for holding water; whether that be large lake liners for golf courses and fishing lakes, or small pond liners for koi and goldfish ponds. We have a number of different liner materials that we recommend depending on your particular application. If you’re not sure where to start, please feel free to call us anytime to talk to a liner professional.

Lake Liners

Materials Choices for Lake Liners

  1. Premium Grade RPE Pond Liner
    Premium Grade RPE Pond Liner

    High quality RPE liner is extremely strong and lightweight, is fish and plant safe, and is available in very large panels! 

    This liner is also available in a 30 mil Laminated version. The laminated version has higher hydrostatic resistance, is more resistant to heavy creasing or folding in the case of above ground boxes or tanks, and is much more UV resistant for long term UV protection even if left uncovered.

    Available in 3 thicknesses - the 30 mil is most popular and is our 'goto' thickness. The 24 mil is available for situations where budget concerns exist. The 40 mil is our extra-strength option and is much more puncture and tear resistant. The 40 mil liner is also a little stiffer to work with because of the added thickness.

    Off the roll discount: there is a slight savings for 12' wide liners of any length.

    FREE SHIPPING! Each liner is made to order and is ready to ship out within 5 business days. Under 150lbs goes UPS ground 3 to 5 days, over 150lbs goes freight 4 to 7 days. Liners can be shipped to Canada, contact us for a shipping quote.

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We carry a few different types of liners here at Everything Ponds. Sometimes people get confused about which product is right for their particular application. The most expensive liner is not always the right choice! For example, some expensive liners, like EPDM rubber liners, work really great in small tight situations where a lot of bending and folding is required. This is because EPDM rubber is very soft and conformable. So if you’re lining a small backyard pond with numerous shelves, corners and bends, an EPDM rubber liner might be the right choice.

Liner Liner 2

Disadvantages of EPDM

However, all liners have some kind of tradeoff. While EPDM is great at being soft and conformable, it’s softness makes it quite easy to puncture. It is also very heavy, which means large pieces are often unmanageable, often leaving people to install the liner in multiple pieces, which requires seaming the liner on site. For these reasons, we would almost never recommend an EPDM rubber as a lake liner.

RPE – The Best Lake Liner

RPE, which stands for reinforced polyethylene, is our favorite product for large scale water retention projects like lakes, golf course water hazards, large farm ponds, or irrigation ponds. RPE is much stronger than EPDM. Depending on the thickness of RPE you go with, it is 3 to 6 times more puncture and tear resistant than EPDM. Another huge benefit is RPE is much lighter. For example, our 24 mil RPE liner, which is 3x more puncture resistant than EPDM, is also about 1/3 the weight of EPDM. This makes installing the liner MUCH easier. As a result, we can create very large pieces of RPE, up to 60,000 square feet in a single piece, and still have it be manageable during the installation. RPE is also available in a few different thicknesses depending on how much strength you need.

Lake Liner 3

Which Thickness of RPE?

For lake liners, we usually start with the Premium Grade RPE Liner in the 30 mil thickness. If somebody needs extra strength, we’ll step up to the 40 mil, since it is double reinforced for extra puncture and tear resistance. For somebody who is more budget conscious, we can step down to the 24 mil, which is still a great liner, but is just a small step down from the 30 mil in strength and toughness. However, all that being said, as the liner gets thicker, it also gets slightly ‘stiffer’ to work with. For lakes and other medium to large projects, this usually isn’t a concern, but if somebody is looking for the most ‘bendable’ RPE liner, the 24 mil would be the best choice because it is the thinnest.

Lake Liner 4

If you have a particular application in mind for an RPE liner, your best bet would be to give us a call. We provide free design assistance, and we will look at your particular requirements and recommend the best liner for YOU. 

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