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We know it can be confusing trying to sort through all the various types of pond equipment available. Sometimes the fastest way to get started is with a complete pond kit. Our EP Professional Ecosystem Pond Kits were designed to make choosing and purchasing pond equipment as painless as possible. Each piece of equipment in the kit has been hand picked by a pond expert specifically for the size of pond you want to build. While many other kits out there try to lock you into a certain size, depth and waterfall height, we try to make our kits flexible to allow you some artistic freedom when designing your pond.

Everything Ponds Complete Pond Kit Components

complete pond kit

Sizes Available

Pond SizePump TypeFalls WidthExample SizeLink
750 Gal Submersible 16" 7' 1" x 7' 1" x 24" D More Info
1000 Gal Submersible 16" 8' 2" x 8' 2" x 24" D More Info
1400 Gal Submersible 16" 9' 8" x 9' 8" x 24" D More Info
1800 Gal Submersible 19" 11' x 11' x 24" D More Info
2400 Gal Submersible 19" 12' 8" x 12' 8" x 24" D More Info
2400 Gal External 19" 12' 8" x 12' 8" x 24" D More Info
3000 Gal Submersible 26" 14' 2" x 14' 2" x 24" D More Info
3000 Gal External 26" 14' 2" x 14' 2" x 24" D More Info
4000 Gal Submersible 26" 16' 4" x 16' 4" x 24" D More Info
4000 Gal External 26" 16' 4" x 16' 4" x 24" D More Info
6000 Gal Submersible 38" 20' x 20' x 24" D More Info
6000 Gal External 38" 20' x 20' x 24" D More Info


complete pond kits


Each complete pond kit we sell includes just about everything you need to create a high quality ecosystem pond. Standard equipment includes an energy efficient pump, premium grade liners, a biological waterfall filter, a professional skimmer, a UV clarifier for controlling green water, all necessary PVC pipes and fittings, underwater lights, and three different water treatments for getting your pond up and running quickly. All chosen equipment is guaranteed to be sized properly to work for the size of pond listed.

Each complete pond kit includes an option in the store to choose the waterfall height, which automatically resizes the pump and liner to accommodate. In addition, you are not locked into a certain dimension or depth with our pond kits. Although we recommend a depth of at least 24” for most ecosystem ponds, we have included enough liner to accommodate a number of different sizes and depths. To see a complete list of possible sizes for a given water volume, visit our Volume to Dimensions Wizard, enter the volume of the pond kit (ie 1000 gallons), and click calculate to see the possible sizes.

Not quite sure how all the pieces of equipment in a pond work together? We recommend reading our "How to Build an Ecosystem Pond" ebook. Not only does it discus the various pieces of pond equipment in our pond kits, but topics related to pond design and pond construction are also covered in depth. This ebook is the perfect companion to our ecosystem pond kits.

Submersible or External Pump?

For each complete pond kit larger than 2400 Gallons, we offer both a submersible pump option and an external pump option. How do you know which one to choose? Submersible pumps are actually placed inside of the pond, below the surface of the water. In our pond kits, we plan the pump to be placed inside the skimmer to draw water through the leaf basket before being pumped to the biological filter. This is traditionally the most popular method of plumbing decorative ponds, mainly because of ease of installation. Just plop the pump in water and turn it on with no priming necessary. However, what submersible pumps make up for in simplicity, they loose in efficiency. A good external pump can often pump the same amount of water as a submersible pump, but it will use electricity.

Opposite to submersible pumps, which sit ‘inside’ the pond, external pumps sit outside the pond on dry land. In the past, people would mainly use an external pump in higher volume situations since external pumps are usually available in larger sizes than submersibles. Lately however, more and more people are using high efficiency external pumps since they can use less power than a similarly sized submersible. We can’t stress enough how important an efficient pump is! External pumps are usually a little more expensive to purchase initially, but after looking at the energy savings, the money can easily be made back over time.

What is an Ecosystem Pond?

The basic goal behind an ecosystem pond is to take an otherwise closed body of water and turn it into it’s own thriving mini ‘ecosystem’. In nature, streams and rivers and the resulting pools of water along the way are constantly renewed with fresh, clean water allowing them to support life, while flushing toxins away down the stream. Unless you are lucky enough to be blessed with a natural stream or source of water on your property, you won’t have the luxury of a naturally renewing stream. You will have to find another way to keep your pond water clean and free of toxins. This is actually easier than you might think, and is accomplished through proper planning and the selection of appropriate filtration equipment. Ecosystem ponds rely on a number of different factors to maintain a healthy ecological balance. Things like:

  • proper mechanical filtration to remove debris from the pond before it can decay (Pond Skimmer).
  • proper biological filtration to convert harmful ammonia into nitrates, which is a souce of food for plants)
  • effective use of plants to naturally filter the water of nutrients that would otherwise be used to promote algae
  • waterfalls and streams to help aerate the water
  • natural water additives to promote healthy water conditions
  • rocks and gravel in the pond to promote natural biological filtration

The great news is that all these items are included (except for plants) when you purchase one of our professional grade ecosystem pond kits.

Our complete pond kits also work great as a small garden pond kit!

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