ProEco EZ-3000 Pressurized Pond Filter

Please note we are no longer carrying this product. We recommend the Oase FiltoClear filters instead.

For ponds up to 2000 gal without fish & 1000 gal with fish. Efficient and effective biological filtration in an affordable package.

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  • Efficient and effective biological and mechanical filtration

  • Built in UV light in the lid which kills single cell algae that causes green pond water

  • Can be buried in the ground up to the base of the lid

  • Easy cleaning with backwash feature

  • Formally named the ProEco CPF-2000

We really like the ProEco pressurized filters because of their excellent biological and mechanical filtration at an affordable price.  Yes the Aqua UV filters are technically our favorite, but they also cost more money, which some people just don't have budgeted for a filter.

Because these ProEco filters are pressurized, they are very easy to install, and can be buried if necessary, to them from view.  With pressurized filters, you don't have to worry about what elevation the filter is placed at since the water entering and leaving the filter is under pressure, meaning the filter can be below the pond level and doesn't rely on gravity to operate or return water to the pond.    

The filter features both fine and course filter foam media for efficient beneficial bacteria growth.  Cleaning is also a very easy process; just switch the control valve to backwash and slowly pull the cleaning handle to compress the filter pads.     

Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a pump do I need?

We have written a page on choosing the right pond water pump, please have a look here, which will help you decide what size pump is right for your pond.  In general though it is a good idea to pump the contents of your pond every hour, or at the very least, every two hours.  Therefore if your pond is 2000 gal then we would choose a pump that is capable of 2000 gph.  Make sure whatever pump you decide on is less than the filter max flow listed in the above specifications.

Will this pump help get ride of green water?

In short, yes this pump will definitely help with the problem of green water.  This filter features a UV light in the lid which is one of the easiest ways to control green pond water.  To learn more about green pond water, and how to prevent it, please see our page on green pond water.

Will this filter get rid of string algae?

String algae is a common problem in even healthy ponds.  Although this filter will definitely help your overall pond ecosystem, it will not eliminate string algae entirely.  Please see our page on string algae to learn about a few potential remedies.

How long does it take for biological filtration to start working?

Because it takes some time to grow a healthy colony of beneficial bacteria necessary for effective biological filtration, it can take a number of weeks (between 3 and 6) for biological filtration to kick into high gear.  Once the bacterial is colonized and working though, you should definitely start seeing the benefits quite quickly.

More Information
SKU EZ-3000
Type of Filter Pressurized Mechanical / Biological
Flow Range up to 3200 GPH
Optimal Flow N/A
Pond Size 2000 gal without fish / 1000 gal with fish
Inlet / Outlet 1 1/2" PVC pipe stub fitting with Click-fit coupling for 3/4" to 1 1/2" spiral tubing
Max Head of Pump 18'
Media Included Yes
Built in UV Light Power 18 Watts
Electrical Cord Length 20'
Dimensions 14.97" Dia. x 19.75" H
Warranty 3 years on filter, 1 year on UV lamp
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