Outdoor Pond Supplies for a Hassle Free Pond

A successful pond will incorporate a wide variety of quality outdoor pond supplies and equipment. Which supplies your particular pond requires will depend on its size, location and style. Here are a few of the main pieces of equipment you'll need to run a successful pond. For more information on each topic, please click the associated link:

  • Water Treatments - One of the most important part of a healthy pond is water quality and health. Natural water treatments can be a big part of obtaining and maintaining a healthy water balance!
  • Pipes & Fittings- Have a look at our selection of flexible PVC pipes, spiral tubing and PVC fittings.
  • Water Test Kits - Our selection of water test kits are useful for diagnosing and maintaining proper chemical balance in a pond. Once you know a certain problem exists by running some tests, it’s much easier to find a natural solution to fix it.
  • Pond Nets - Pond nets are useful for scooping out any floating debris in the pond before it has a chance to sink and decay. Nets are also vital for catching fish or other life in a pond for transportation, or for moving to a different pond.
  • Waterfall Foam - Waterfall foam is an extremely useful material for building efficient and attractive waterfalls. By filling any cracks or voids between rocks with waterfall foam, the water is forced over top of the rocks rather than behind and in-between. This gives the illusion of more water flowing down the falls.

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