Do It Yourself: Pond Liner Installation with RPE

Welcome to Richard's pond liner replacement project. Richard built his lush, flourishing fish pond 20 years ago using EPDM rubber. After continuously repairing leaks in the liner to no avail he decided he would undergo a pond restoration project. He choose to use our RPE 30mil liner over replacing it with a new EPDM liner due to RPE's increased strength.


Richards Pond Before Picture As you can see plants were thriving in this pond, taking up much of the space. The pond was leaking an inch of water daily due to the holes in the liner. When a pond losses too much water it will saturate the surrounding soil which will create a muddy environment - not ideal!

Old Liner Exposed

Richards Alot of work had been put into getting the pond to this stage. Frogs and fish were put into temporary homes, plants were removed, buckets of muck was scooped out and rocks and bricks were removed. You can see our fresh new liner is ready to install!
Preparing the pond for a new liner

Old EPDM Liner Holes 

EPDM Liner Holes Once removed, it was apparent that no amount of patching could repair this 20 year old EPDM rubber liner. When replacing a liner you can choose to leave it in place and install the new liner over top or you can remove it entirely. They opted to remove it. 

New RPE 30mil Liner Unrolling 

RPE Liner Installation Everything-Ponds Premium Grade RPE Pond Liners come accordion folded. Simply unroll the liner down the center of the space and then pull out from either side. This is easiest achieved with a second set of hands to pull it out evenly.

Setting the Liner in Place 

RPE Liner Installation Using water to weigh down the liner they adjusted the liner into position.

Securing the RPE Liner

The customer opted to secure the liner using bricks along the perimeter.

Building the Waterfall

Building a Pond Waterfall Building the waterfall started with setting a sturdy base which consisted of large slabs of rock. With each layer the rocks got smaller and were puzzle pieced together. You can use Waterfall Foam to help create a long lasting rock wall.

Reestablishing an Ecosystem

Adding plants to Richards Water Garden To complete the liner installation they hid the excess liner using rocks to frame the circumference of the pond. Then they began reestablishing an ecosystem by adding in plants, fish and frogs.


Richard installed a pipe from his gutter to direct rain water into the pond to make use of the chemical free water. We think that is a great idea! This pond turned out beautiful! The customers, fish and frogs are enjoying their new sanctuary.

Thank you to Richard and Jean for sharing your pond project with us! 

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