Outdoor Pond Supplies for a Hassle Free Pond

A successful pond will incorporate a wide variety of quality outdoor pond supplies and equipment. Which supplies your particular pond requires will depend on its size, location and style. Here are a few of the main pieces of equipment you'll need to run a successful pond. For more information on each topic, please click the associated link:

  • Pond Pumps - One of the essential outdoor pond supplies. Pumps are used to draw water out of the pond and through various mechanical and biological filters. They're also used to draw water up hill to create a waterfall or stream.
  • Pond Liners - Liners are used to keep the water from draining out of your pond and into the soil below. There are many types of materials available.
  • Pond Skimmers - A skimmer is a mechanical filter that captures debris floating on the surface of the water and stores it in a removable basket for easy disposal. Also an essential item for a healthy pond.
  • Pond Filters - Filters are used to clean your pond water on a mechanical and biological level.
  • Pond Lighting - Used to draw attention to certain areas of the pond at night, as well as during the day.
  • Pond Heaters - Used to heat the water in a pond to a certain temperature, while achiving a more controlled ecosystem balance.
  • Pond Plants - Not only are plants nice to look at from a landscaping perspective, but they are also very important to the biology of a pond. They provide important shade which helps to keep the water cool. As well, they provide important filtering and chemical processing characteristics.
  • Water Aerator - An aerator is used to increase the dissolved oxygen levels in your pond water. Koi and other types of fish require a certain level of dissolved oxygen to thrive, therefore making an aerator a necessity in a Koi pond.
  • Pond Test Kits - Maintaining proper pond water chemistry is vital to the operation of a healthy pond. Test kits can help you determine problem areas before they have the chance to damage your pond ecosystem.

This page is currently under development, with more content to come soon! In the future we plan to expand this page to discuss many other important water pond supplies. In addition, we plan on providing quality reviews of the various pieces of equipment available, as well suggesting places to buy from a list of trusted retailers. Please check back soon for more great information on outdoor pond supplies!

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